My name is Lily Hall - registered Civil Celebrant

I love:  life love play people colours art movement

A girlfriend asked me 3 years ago to marry her and her man, confused, I looked at her and  said ā€œa threesome wedding?ā€

A week later I begun the study towards my new and certainly accidental career.

I came back to Australia from my theatrical pursuits and as asked officiated her wedding.

I fell in love . 

Weddings are magic. We take a moment in time, a snapshot, a stillness to celebrate and appreciate and honour this rare union that can be so difficult to recognise amongst the chaos and multilayered waves of life.

Each to their own, I like to get to know what makes you move, then create in collaboration the funnest or most colourful, intimate, meaningful, precious ceremony.

My background in Ballet, Piano and Theatre means Iā€™m open to play / themes / dance et al.

Being a Civil Ceremony means creative freedom. Aside from the Monitum and legal vows (4 sentences), the rest is up to you! Your day, your way.

I am always honoured to be included in the magic.